Featuring Loretta

by George F. Walker

Irish Premiere

November 10-29, 2003

Loose End Studio, Civic Theatre, Tallaght
THEatre SPACE @ Henry Place, Dublin

In this witty, hilarious and sharply satirical farce, Loretta is widowed, pregnant and trying to find the space to decide what to do next with her life — only to get stuck in a motel room with a screw salesman, a Russian maid/physicist, and an amateur porn producer. What choices does Loretta really have, in this tale of sexual exploitation, loneliness and inner strength.

Director John Delaney


Michael Charlie Kranz
Sophie Tara McKeever
Loretta Anna Olson [Nugent]
Dave Alan Walsh


Production Manager Colm Eaton
Stage Manager Darren Keane
Lighting Designer Eamon Fox
Set Designer Martin Cahill
Operating Technician Jennifer Lindsay
Original Music Chiara Browne (of The Rose Ponies)
Poster Designer Oisín O’Muircheartaigh
Programme Designer Alan Walsh
Producer Paul Nugent


“…they exploit the intimacy to effect…”The Ticket, Irish Times

“There are lots of laughs distributed among the pacey action.” – The Irish Times

“A farcical insight into moral concerns… many laughs… enjoyable slice of theatre from an up and coming theatre company.” – RTÉ / Aertel

“ …endlessly hysterical… …a funny show.” Irish Theatre Magazine

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“It is always interesting to see a fledgling group flex their stage muscles, and the AboutFACE Theatre Company have been doing that with some success in the last year or so. The small or fringe theatres are their normal stomping ground and they exploit the intimacy to effect … We laugh best when we laugh at ourselves, in situations that are as recognisable in Dublin as Toronto.”

-The Ticket, Irish Times

George F. Walker is a prolific Canadian dramatist, and one segment of his work is a collection of plays called Suburban Motel. The enterprising AboutFACE Theatre Company is now presenting the Irish premiere of one of them, set in just such a location, suggestive of transience and illicit sex … Much of this is quite funny, and Charlie Kranz as Mike, with an ear-to-ear shark-grin, is hilarious …Anna Olson is a sexy Loretta, using her men without affection or compunction, and Alan Walsh as Dave puts on a fine show of male bluster to conceal the insecurity beneath. Tara McKeever is a Russian maid with her own story and relevance. There are lots of laughs distributed among the pacey action. ”

-The Irish Times

A farcical insight into moral concerns … briefly touches on more serious matters of gender differences and sexual exploitation, all the while relying on its wacky, and at times surreal text, together with some overblown, cartoonish situations to provide the many laughs … The fight scenes are like something out of a Tom & Jerry cartoon. But it’s done well, and even the off stage row at the end of the play evokes the notion of a pair fighting like cats and dogs … Tara McKeever also sports an impressive Russian accent, and her diminutive frame lent itself well to the role … Anna Olson manages to seamlessly move between the varying emotions in an impressive performance … Chiara Browne’s musical accompaniment added immeasurably to this enjoyable slice of theatre from an up and coming theatre company. ”

– RTÉ.ie / Aertel

Alan Walsh chose to act annoyingly and definitely succeeded … Michael is played with wonderful panache by the deftly sleazy Charlie Kranz … endlessly hysterical … the central paradox offers great comedic potential … Dave and Michael get into a hilarious wrestling match that almost proves worth the price of admission … a funny show.”

– Irish Theatre Magazine