Corporate Training/Events

See how we can help you to develop and invigorate your team with theatre-based programs, performances and workshops in the trademark AboutFACE welcoming, excellent, thought-provoking style, in areas such as the following themes.

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Would you like to build your staff’s sense of ensemble? We can come to you with a fun, confidence-building and creativity-sparking long-form improv workshop.


Need an evening event for your staff with a difference? Entertain, engage and empower your gang with thought-provoking stories performed in your own office, chosen from a roster of exciting new plays to suit your needs, plus an informed post-performance discussion about the show, in the style of our hit NEWvember Festival.


Feeling like your pitch needs some work ahead of the big investor event? The secret: all presentations are performances, so strengthen your staff’s ability to tell your story with the structure of a powerful personal script and the delivery of a live performer, through our workshops utilizing the Tools of Theatre.