Business Training

AboutFACE Academy

Bringing the Tools of Theatre to Business Training

Let us help you develop your skills with workshops that are educational – but also experiential, entertaining and enjoyable. Our dynamic training requires no previous acting or theatre experience, feels safe yet is invigorating and results-driven, and is especially helpful for those who feel shy or introverted.

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SCENARIO – Using Role-Play to Practice Real Life Situations

Communication is key. We’ll work with you to develop bespoke role-play scenarios to help your team improve their communication skills. They’ll do this through trying out real-life work scenarios with our actors – and getting feedback on where they are succeeding and how to improve.

This could include role-playing situations in crucial areas such as

  • giving and receiving feedback
  • networking
  • negotiation
  • interviewing
  • conflict resolution

These are skills you can read about, watch videos on, hear talks about – but that you can really only learn by practice, in a safe creative rehearsal environment. Our team has extensive experience working in role-play training around the world in a range of industries including tech, medical, legal and sales.


Sales is a skill. Improve yours – with improv. Our fun, fast-moving and highly active improvisational workshops will help you strengthen your sales interactions by developing your attentive and responsive abilities in essential areas including

  • active listening
  • humour and rapport
  • asking constructive questions
  • mental agility and adaptability
  • riding the ups and downs of an interaction

so you can have more genuine, creative, engaging – and successful – sales conversations.
Our trainers combine improv skills developed in Dublin, Chicago and LA with extensive experience providing training in a range of sectors.


All presentations are performances – whether you’re delivering a pitch for your start-up or sharing your findings in a conference room. That is why they feel scary – and why they so often fail to intrigue us. Learn to use the tools of storytelling, script-writing and stagecraft to

  • build a clear and compelling narrative structure
  • come up with unique and personal ways of sharing your ideas
  • draw people in and hook them emotionally with your story
  • own the room with confident eye contact and body language
  • replace nerves with presence and charisma